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Jenn Gordon


Jenn “Gerty” Gordon is our Machiavellian Major Marketing Master who controls carefully crafted content continuously. Jenn’s past music experience is in sponsorship, booking, event planning, and -get this- marketing. When not working on marketing and music, Jenn continues to break barriers through social media and is noted as the number 1 Harry Styles Fan based on a national survey from HSHQ #streamsunflowervol6

Nick Alley


Nick “Nalley” Alley is an extremely humble and uber professional past music industry worker. What he lacks in singing ability he gains in confidence to still sing badly in public. Although Nick professionally specialized in VIP, Operations, Radio, Live Events, Artist Hospitality, etc., he is personally specialized in cooking, exercising, and dreaming of becoming the next host of the price is right #swiperight

Val Arcila


Valentina “Val” Arcila is the editor-in-chief of editing. Val is actually an acronym for Very Amazing (L)Editor. Val's music industry experience spans across production advancing, live sound engineering, merchandise, and booking. Val also had the distinct honor of being the production/general manager of her Alma mater, the mother of 2 beautiful beagles, and a Hayley Williams impersonator #inthebusinessofproduction

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